October 2016 Monthly Meeting

Meeting Title
A Comparison of Liquid Applied WRB Chemistry, Performance, Capabilities and Applications

Aceh Community Room
Mercy Corps, 45 SW Ankeny St
Portland, OR 97204

David Kimball

Fluid applied membranes, whether as a flashing or as a weather resistive barrier, are becoming much more common in the marketplace. This presentation will discuss the history and development of fluid applied membranes and will give attendees an understanding of the various different chemistry types available in the market; why they were developed and the important performance characteristics, including the advantages and disadvantages of each different chemistry type. Finally, attendees will understand how to choose the appropriate material for different applications and how to design with each material.

After 34 years at a major Silicone Sealant company, Dave Kimball has retired and started anew with PROSOCO, Inc., as a Technical Specialist in the Building Envelope Group, covering the North Atlantic Region from his office in Brooklyn, NY.

While Dave spent years living in many different parts of the country, primarily in a Technical Service role, working on Weatherseal, Structural Glazing, and exterior coatings applications, the unique challenge that rough opening preparation and Air and Vapor Barriers brings is inspiring.