November 2015 Monthly Meeting

Meeting Title
Roofing 301 - Roofing Codes Chapter 15 of the OSSC

Aceh Community Room
Mercy Corps, 45 SW Ankeny St
Portland, OR 97204

John R. Kouba, Malarkey Roofing

Chapter 15 of the IBC and the Oregon Specialty Structural Code addresses the code requirements for the design and construction of roof assemblies. Ranging from slope requirements to requirements regarding specific roofing types, including thermoset, thermoplastic and SBS roofing materials, this section of the code is not frequently discussed or referenced during the course of project design and delivery. Mr. Kouba will address these requirements as well as looking at both the requirements and methods for compliance for meeting wind loads and edge securement. Mr. Kouba will clarify what Class A, B and C roofs are and what the criteria are for UL or FM listed roof assemblies. In addition, specific aspects of the code that address the requirements regarding vegetated roof gardens will be discussed.

John Kouba is the Director of Technical Services at Malarkey Roofing, a position he has held since 1998. Prior to that, Mr. Kouba was the Technical Services Manager at US Intec from 1993-1998. He is involved in many committees and organizations focused on the technical aspects of roofing design and construction, including CSI, SPRI, ARMA, and RCI as well as being the Co-Chair of the ASTM D8.03 subcommittee. Mr. Kouba is one of the authors of the Residential Asphalt Roofing Manual Design.