May 2023 Monthly Meeting

Meeting Title
New Ways to Warmth: Applications of Alternative Insulation Materials and Strategies

Hybrid Event - In person and via Zoom

EcoTrust Building
Billy Frank Jr Conference Center
721 NW 9th Ave. Suite 200
Portland, OR 97209

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Will Babbington, AIA, PE

By now, design and construction professionals are well aware of the significant impact of buildings on the natural environment. That fact is even more prevalent as evidenced with the ever increasing thermal performance provisions in our codes and standards. While the industry has become adept at throwing more and more insulation at these challenges, there are a few exciting insulation technologies, and creative ways to deploy them, than many enclosure professionals may realize.

This presentation will discuss how these options, in the forms of new insulation materials providing designers with more aesthetic leeway in attaining elevated performance levels. Detail-driven dives will also demonstrate how clever approaches to design and construction, as well as innovative detailing strategies, can be leveraged to accomplish these thermal performance goals without sacrificing design intent.

Will is Principal and Façade Design Director for Studio NYL’s Skins Group. As both an architect and an engineer, he has designed, realized, written, and presented on award-winning and high performance building enclosures on local, national, and international levels. Will's passion lies in the leveraging of both high- and low-tech methods to merge high performance and high design.

Will is the current National Past-Chair of the Building Enclosure Council and is AIA’s Liaison to NIBS/BETEC/BEC. He is a leader and active member in other numerous professional organizations such as the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Building Performance Knowledge Community’s Leadership Group and American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) where he is a voting member on the E06 Performance of Buildings Committee. Will is also a member of the Facade Tectonics Institute's Special Advisory Council, a developer/trainer for ASTM/NIBS new Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) certificate program, and a representative for AIA National on the ASHRAE’s 90.1 Envelope Subcommittee.