December 2022 Monthly Meeting

Meeting Title
Introduction to Building Science Advisor (BSA)

Live Zoom Webinar. 

Michael Lubliner

The Building Science Advisor (BSA) is a rule-based expert system web-based tool developed to assist building professionals in designing energy efficient and durable residential wall systems for new or retrofit construction. When examining new construction and based on location, the BSA will assess the proposed design. For proposed retrofits, the BSA provides recommendations on how to address the retrofit in a manner that will not create a durability problem. The capabilities of the BSA will be demonstrated. Your feedback and guidance are sought on how to improve the tool and what additional features are needed to make this tool useful for your everyday activities.

Lubliner is internationally recognized for his 40 years of significant contributions to residential building science research, demonstration and deployment (RD&D), of emerging technology and building systems engineering. He has worked with leading industry partners to promote best practice associated with; building enclosures, fenestration, HVAC systems, domestic hot water (DHW), lighting, MEL’s and renewables.

He uses his effective and passionate communications style and SME knowledge and wisdom from the “school of hard knocks”, to communication with a broad group of residential construction industry stakeholders. These stakeholders include; federal, state and local governments, utilities, community developers, general and subs-contractors, supply chain manufacturers/distributors, building code officials, consumer DIY and others.

Lubliner helped to design, implement and evaluate utility energy efficiency efforts as well as EPA Energy Star, EPA Indoor Air Plus, HUD Healthy House, DOE NZEH, and Washington state energy codes. He has a long history of building science support to large and small site built builders and factory built HUD-code/modular builders client.

He has collaborated with progressive not for profits affordable organizations such as King and Pierce County Public Housing Authorities and Habitat for Humanity towards improving environmental equity. In 2018-2020 he provided technical support to over 5000 Washington state residential energy code clients (WSEC-R) hotline clients.