April 2021 Monthly Meeting

Meeting Title
Overcladding Strategies for Institutional Buildings

Live Zoom Webinar. Pre-registration is required at the link below.

Michael H. Chafetz

Drawing on his experience working on the rehabilitation of major institutional buildings and focusing on early-to-mid 20th century masonry construction, the speaker will discuss technical approaches to masonry whole-façade replacement while keeping a building fully operational. The presentation will cover structural engineering, building enclosure design, energy efficiency improvement, constructability, logistical, and economic aspects of overcladding projects. In particular attendees/readers will learn about:

  • Building condition assessment and investigation to form the basis of a rehabilitation design
  • Building code requirements relating to building overclad design
  • Building enclosure design strategies and energy saving opportunities
  • Logistical and planning aspects for uninterrupted building operation
  • Structural engineering requirements and design strategies
  • Common masonry recladding materials and their advantages and limitations

Michael H. Chafetz joined Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SGH) in 2013. He is a licensed engineer in Massachusetts with a degree in civil engineering. He manages building envelope projects for various university, architect, owner and developer clients, including large multi-year envelope restoration projects, in which SGH acts as the prime designer. He specializes in investigation and restoration of contemporary and historic buildings, as well as condition assessments, new construction design consulting and litigation support.