April 2020 Monthly Meeting

Meeting Title
2019 Building Envelope Code Considerations

Live Zoom Webinar. Pre-registration is required at the link below.

Samir Mokashi, Code Unlimited

The course will cover the requirements for the 2019 Oregon Zero Energy Ready Commercial Code & 2019 Oregon Structural Specialty Code that apply to the building envelope. This session will explain how to interpret and apply these provisions in under varying site conditions, climate zones, and other design considerations.

Samir Mokashi has over 30 years of experience in regulatory requirements. He has successfully lead design teams through highly demanding programs, complex designs, challenging budgets, fast track schedules, and rigorous requirements. The clear advantage of having worked throughout US, Europe, Asia, and Middle East is evident in the projects, large or small, that Samir leads or consults on. He has been involved in code development at local and national levels and has authored several code alternates and variances that resolved multi-disciplinary issues simply and effectively. He has a unique ability to deliver simple and elegant solutions to problems that stump most others. The depth of his knowledge and strong communication skills have earned him wide respect from city and state officials, as well as designers, developers and architects. He is a sought after speaker, accredited educator and a highly valued mentor to young professionals.